Elements of a Great Beer

Anyone can make their own beer. It is easier than ever for people to create a brew in their own homes. However, it is harder for the beer to be exceptional. To achieve this, there are several things to bear in mind. Here are the core elements that combine to make a great beer.

The Color

It should be remembered that the drinker will first experience the beer not by taste but by sight. For this reason, it needs to look as appealing as possible. Professional beer tasters will take the color and shading into account when deciding the quality of a brew. It will also be used to categorize the beer. This could include IPA, stout, amber ale or saison.

Carbonation (Or Lack Of)

The mouthfeel will also be an essential factor. The brew maker can have a certain amount of control in this regard by deciding on the carbonation level. The fizziness can make the beer dry, which has been known to sell well.

Initial Taste

This is arguably the most critical factor for determining how good a beer really is. There are several news publications, which review beers solely on initial taste. Once the drink has been swallowed, all of the flavor elements will combine on the tongue. The malt and hops will play a key role.


Certain elements will end up lingering long after the beer has been drunk. The beer must have an agreeable aftertaste. This is because the general public tends to base their opinions of the beer on it.

Alcohol Percentage

The alcohol percentage will determine how much a single bottle will inebriate the drinker. It is essential that the brewer only makes beer with a percentage that conforms to the laws in their area. It can be tricky to decide how strong to make the beer. It should be light enough to appeal to a mass market but not too weak.


If the brewer is planning on selling the beer, it needs to have decent longevity. This is because pubs may have to store it for extended periods. It will also need to withstand the transportation process. The saleability can largely depend on how long it lasts before going off.