The Beer Glass

When it comes to serving beer, the receptacle it will go in is undoubtedly essential. Whether the beer comes in either a can, a bottle, or on draft, it needs to be served to customers in a proper beer glass. Usually, a standard glass has a volume of one pint. However, it is also common for bars and pubs to offer half-pint options. Larger Oktoberfest style glass steins are rare but still seen on occasion.

Beer servers should be aware of the fact that there are many different glass types currently on the market. Standard ones can do the job for most big-brand beers.

In fact, popular brews are created with this in mind. However, specialty beers may require their own specific glass shape and style. If this is the case, then the brewer will likely sell their own glasses to the bars that serve their beer.

The company will place its brand logo on the receptacle to make it clear their products need to be served in them. In fact, sometimes, the shapes of their glasses become as synonymous with their company as the beer itself.