The Tastes of Customers

Some waiters might assume that serving beer to customers is relatively simple. The fact is that to do it properly, they will need to understand the specific tastes of each person. Everyone is different. Some love lighter “session” beers, whereas others much prefer a dark stout.

It is worth chatting to the customers beforehand about what they like. Then the serving staff can make recommendations from the beer list. A good server will need to learn this menu by heart, knowing how each one tastes.

When discussing the beers, the server could ask whether the customer likes heavy, fruity, dry, bitter, or pale ale. It is also useful to find out their brand preferences. They can determine which beer on the menu is similar in terms of taste. The server may even get lucky and have the exact brand the customer wants.

Aside from overall taste, the alcohol percentage is also important. Some customers will want to only drink beers that are not too strong. Since beer is usually served in glasses, they will not be able to read the exact volume on the bottle or can. It is up to the server to find this out for them.