How to Taste Beer

Drinking beer like a pro might seem like a simple thing to do. However, there are several aspects of it to bear in mind. Knowing them will turn the amateur beer fan into a sophisticated taster.

The first factor to consider is the bouquet. Every beer has its own unique smell and aroma. This could include different fruits and spices. Sometimes these are stated on the label so that the drinker can look out for them. The bouquet will contain many of the same elements as the overall taste.

The drinker should then taste the beer. Publications such as the the Guardian have advice about the best-tasting beers. The general consensus seems to be that beers need the right balance. No single taste component should overpower the rest. Otherwise, the beer has failed the taste test.

Tasters will then determine the “finish” of the beer. This is the flavor that immediately appears on the tongue after swallowing. The best brewers strive to come up with a unique and delicious finish.

Mouthfeel is another factor that goes into the overall quality of the beer. As the name suggests, it is how the beer feels on the mouth. Carbonation and consistency will play a significant role. The average person tends to overlook the mouthfeel. However, brewers take it very seriously.

All of these factors combined will help people decide on the quality of a beer. It is also essential to take their individual tastes into account. Some people will prefer lighter or darker beers, for instance.